Greenhouse Integration


This document explains how companies that use the Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System can integrate Journey into their current hiring processes.


Journey will provide you with a unique API key for use with your Greenhouse account. Once we have delivered this key to you, you will need to forward it to your Greenhouse Account Manager. They will then turn on the integration which will allow you to add Journey as one of your Pipeline stages in Greenhouse and send applicants the Journey Assessments.

Plum API Key example


Step 1 Sign in to your Greenhouse account and click on New job.

Add new job in your Greenhouse dashboard

Step 2 You can copy an existing job as your template or start a job from scratch. (This guide assumes starting from scratch.)

Copy existing job in Greenhouse or start from scratch

Step 3 Follow the job template building process until you get to “3 – Interview Plan” and Click Add Stage.

Step 3 of Greenhouse Add Job Wizard - Interview Plan

Step 4 Scroll down and select then click Add. If you have other stages to add, do that as well.

Choose Plum from the popup list of interview plan stages.

Step 5 If everything looks right, click This looks good, NEXT.

Click 'This looks good, NEXT'.

Step 6 Complete adding your new job by completing the 4th step in the Greenhouse wizard (Sourcing Tasks), and you will be brought back to the dashboard for your new job.


Obviously, with a brand new position, you won’t have applicants right away. This section is for when you have applicants that have applied to the job. If you want to see how this section works before you have any applicants, you can add a candidate to the job by clicking the Add a candidate button in the Candidates section. All that is required for you to be able to continue the steps below are for the candidate to have a first and last name as well as a valid email address.


To use Journey most effectively, it is best that every one of your applicants for a job opening take the same Journey Assessments. Luckily, Greenhouse has added the ability to bulk send the assessment to all of your applicants. You can still send to individual applicants of course (see below), but for positions with a lot of people applying daily, the bulk feature will save you time.

Step 1 From the Greenhouse dashboard, click the position for which you want to send the assessment to applicants (if you aren’t there already) and then click the Candidatestab.

Step 2 Click the Bulk Actions button in the top-right (this also assumes you have more than one candidate applied that are still in the Application Review stage.)

Greenhouse bulk actions button

Step 3 Click Select All and then Edit Selected

Greenhouse bulk actions edit selected button

Step 4 From the Actions pop-up, click To Different Stage in the MOVE section, then select the Journey stage that you added during setup. Note: You may have to refresh your page after you complete this to see the changes reflected.

Greenhouse bulk actions move to different stage.

Step 5 You will now have to add a filter. Click the Test Status drop down box about 2/3rds of the way down the left-hand column. Select To Be Sent.

Greenhouse sort by test status.

Step 6 Click the Bulk Actions button, then Select All and Edit Selected the same as Steps 2 and 3.

Step 7 From the Actions pop-up, you will now be able to select Send Tests.

Greenhouse send bulk tests.

Step 8 From the pop-up, choose the survey you wish to send (e.g. Discovery Survey, if no Match Criteria has been created yet) and choose who will be “grading” the assessment. Although grading is not necessary for Journey Assessments, Greenhouse makes it a required field.

Greenhouse send the assessment.


Step 1 If you have applicants entered in the position, you will see New Applications to Review in your Pipeline Tasks section. Click Review.

New Applications to review

Step 2 Advance the candidate(s) to the Next Stage. This assumes you made the second stage in your Interview Plan process. If not, Step 3 below and on are for when you are ready to advance your candidate(s) to the stage.

Advance Candidate to Next Stage

Step 3 Click See candidates in the next stage.

See candidates in the next stage

Step 4 (1) Click Take home test to be sent then (2) click Send Test.

Send candidate to Plum Test

Step 5 Select which assessment you want to send to the candidate.  Note: candidate assessments are denoted with the DS prefix (e.g. DS – Salesperson).

Send candidate the Plum Assessment email

This will call Journey through our API and trigger an email to the candidate(s) to begin the Journey Assessment. If the candidate doesn’t complete the survey the same day they are emailed, Journey will send reminders 24 hours later and then 48 hours after that.


Once the candidate has completed the Journey Assessment, Greenhouse will input their scores into the candidates Greenhouse profile.

Step 1 In your Greenhouse position dashboard, click the Candidates tab.

View your Greenhouse candidates

Step 2 Click on Scorecard due from [name].

Click Scorecard due from [name]

Step 3 Click You will also notice that if the candidate was sent to a Journey Baseline that uses Journey Baseline Match, that the Journey Match Score will show up as Score. The example below shows it as 64.


Step 4 Here is where the results of the Journey Assessments are stored. The numbers next to each trait are percentiles. If you know how the percentiles relate to each trait, awesome, you’ve done your Journey homework and can probably determine the next steps for this candidate. However, if you want to see how the traits relate, not only to the percentiles, but to any Match Criteria that has been created by your company, go to the next step.

Plum scores listed in candidate profile in Greenhouse

Step 5 Click View Report to be taken to the Journey-built profile for this candidate.

Plum scores listed in candidate profile in Greenhouse

Step 6 View the candidate Journey Profile in a similar way as the Journey application. This view explains how the percentiles relate to the traits and, when a Match Criteria is selected, shows the total Match Score of the candidate as well as how strongly they match in the 6 traits your company/hiring manager deemed important to the role.

Plum Profile

Step 7 Use the drop down in the top-left of the page to switch Match Criteria. This depends on if you have other Match Criteria to choose.

Plum Profile

To view other candidates, simply repeat the 7 steps above.

If you need help with your Greenhouse account, they have a great FAQ here to help with all things Greenhouse.

To better understand Journey, you can visit our FAQ here.

Any other issues with Journey, you can contact Journey support.

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