Software Engineer

As a software engineer at Journey you will be responsible for designing, building, and owning the services and infrastructure that power our products. You will build beautiful web applications and design highly available services that form complex distributed systems. If you love delivering software that improves the lives of millions of consumers and business owners, we want to work with you!


You will:

  • Work closely with product and design partners, and Journey leadership, to design and build new cutting-edge products
  • Massively scale our existing platform, from the datastores to the distributed coordination mechanisms depending on them.
  • Implement sophisticated data models that integrate the best third-party sources with Journey’s proprietary data.
  • Build systems that collect and maintain customers’ data, while holding Journey to the highest standards for security and compliance.
  • Design fault tolerant systems so the team can be brave and move fast, without ever negatively impacting our customers.

You have:

  • Interest in working full-stack, from optimizing database transactions to building distributed systems and frontend web applications.
  • Passion for building products that are beautiful outside and inside – from their user experience to their robust and elegant design.
  • Strong software development skills and computer science fundamentals.


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