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Screen up to 25 candidates

Low Volume

Ideal for job openings where candidate volume is 25 or less


Screen up to 200 candidates

Medium Volume

Ideal for job openings where candidate volume is 200 or less


Screen up to 500 candidates

High Volume

Ideal for job openings where candidate volume is 500 or less

* Need a customized soluton? Journey lets you mix and match the features you want. Only pay for the ones you need.

How does Pricing work?

Buy individual Journey assessment links to screen candidates for a job opening. Each link is usable up to a certain limit depending what you choose above. You can choose from any of our assessments.

Once you have a link you can use it anywhere – send it out to candidates. Once they take the test you’ll get a report sent directly to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I purchase a link?

You’ll get a link to a Journey assessment that’s usable up to 25, 200, or 500 times depending on the volume of candidates you have to screen. Once a candidate finishes the assessment a link to their report will be sent to you. If you have any questions during the process please email us at

What if a candidate doesn’t finish the assessment?

If a candidate does not finish the assessment, it won’t count against the usable credits left on the assessment link that you purchased.

Does Journey work with my ATS?

Yes, once your have purchased a link, you can use it anywhere. For example, in an email that you send to candidates.

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