About Us

About Us

Most negative reviews online about companies are about their products, services, and their EMPLOYEES. Interactions with employees at a company makes a huge difference whether a customer likes and buys your brand. Interactions between co-workers makes a difference whether employees want to work at your company.

Our goal is to help companies eliminate bad hires and improve performance and reputation. We believe company performance can be determined by the number of optimal decisions its employees have made over time especially when dealing with a customer and/or another employee. We assess how candidates react and respond to situations by putting them in real-life work scenarios to assess specific skills in order to reduce the number of bad hires.

Journey.HR is our suite of pre-hire assessments which uses patented AI capable of intelligent natural language conversations that eliminates bias and assesses job candidates accurately. Candidates navigate through simulated interactions in the workplace revealing their decision-making, disposition, and soft skills.

Our assessments take under 20 minutes to complete and measure 13 essential behavioral skills. Journey uses validated standards and artificial intelligence to map the experiential components of the assessments and produce unbiased, easy to read reporting so that companies can make informed hiring decisions.

Our management team consists of veteran industry executives with decades of program/project management, implementation and product development experience. The team brings strong industry knowledge, business transformation experience, business process expertise, and direct implementation experience.

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the Journey Team

Journey.HR is a product of Atlas, Inc. an Artificial Intelligence company based in San Francisco, CA.

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